• Image of RAINBOW LEOPARD short shorts

Original and exclusive, RAINBOW LEOPARD print design. Digitally printed onto a slightly shiny lycra, these 50's short shorts are literally a rainbow wrapped around your body. The symmetrical print begins with pastel pink at the front and flows through yellow, orange, green and blue to finish in pink at the back. These hot pants have a seamless front and sides allowing the rainbow to whirl around your body with no lines. High waisted with elastic waist band for support and fit. These short shorts are perfect for dance wear/active wear, hooping, festivals and even swimwear.

The Rainbow Leopard short shorts are currently only available in a generous size 10. They have been created to allow for more stretch and availability through size and should also fit through sizes 8 - 12.

Designed and made locally in Sydney.
83% polyester 17% spandex

Photography: Mitch Hay
Model: Shae Greentree